Go Orlando Card-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Is my card valid all day?

Your card is valid for daytime admission to attractions. This means that attractions cannot be visited after 6:00pm with the Go Orlando Card — so plan your day accordingly.

What do you mean by calendar days over a 2 week period?

The first time you visit an attraction, it will “activate” the calendar day countdown on your card (not 24 hour periods). Once activated, you can use your card for the number of calendars days that you bought spread out over 2 weeks.

For example, if you activate a 2 day card on a Monday, then your card will be good for that day and 1 more calendar day in the next two weeks to follow.

How does a 2-Day Plus Seaworld® or 4-Day Plus Seaworld® card work?

2-Day Plus Seaworld®: 2 days of unlimited attraction visits plus a 1-day ticket to Seaworld®

4-Day Plus Seaworld®: 4 days of unlimited attraction visits plus a 1-day ticket to Seaworld®

How do I get into Seaworld®?

On the back of your 2-day Plus Seaworld® or 4-day Plus Seaworld® Card you will see a special bar code. This bar code is your one time ticket to Seaworld®. Here is how it works:

Visit the Self Service Ticketing (Quick Ticketing) kiosks at the far right OR far left of the entrance. Press the Redeem button, scan your Go Orlando Card under the bar code scanner and a ticket will be printed for you (Note: do NOT swipe your card at the kiosk; you must use the bar code scanner). Take that ticket and a photo ID to the turnstiles for park admission. If you experience an issue while trying to print your tickets, please visit one of the Guest Service Windows for assistance.