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Embark on a colorful adventure where color, chemistry and digital technology combine to create a one-of-a-kind family attraction. Imagination is your greatest tool at Crayola Experience!


The World’s Largest Crayola Crayon –“Bluetiful” – Arrives in Orlando
The 1,352-pound crayon makes its permanent home at Crayola Experience


Choose the best experience for you and Don’t miss out on this adventure!

Adventure Lab, an all-new, completely immersive and hands-on attraction at Crayola Experience will debut later this month at the Florida Mall location. In this unique experience, you enter Crayola’s Color Lab only to find it’s in all shades of trouble thanks to several mischievous crayon characters.

Each visitor to the Lab will be given three challenges. This can be anything from jumping across a river of melting rainbow wax to uncovering an ancient recipe for the color Moonglow or – in an adventure reminiscent of “I Love Lucy’s” famous chocolate scene – grabbing chunks of crayon wax off a speedy conveyor belt. Because there are 15 adventures in total, it’s a whole new experience every time.

This Experience Features:

  • 2 levels and 70,000 square feet of colorful fun.

  • View a live demonstration on how crayons are made at the Crayon Factory Show!

  • Average length of stay is 4-5 hours. General admission includes access to the facility for the entire day.

  • Explore the largest selection of Crayola products and in the retail store you will find many Crayola souvenirs that are not found anywhere else.

  • Dine in the Crayola Café, where there is seating for up to 200 guest.

  • Private space available for any and all special events.