Take An Unforgettable Journey . . .

. . . into Forever Florida, a 4700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area boasting beautifully untamed wilderness, natural streams, wetlands and dense cypress forests. Choose your own fully-guided adventure: Coach Safari, Horseback Safari or soar over it all on Florida's only Zipline Safari™!

At Forever Florida, we have eco-safaris for the entire family - the thrilling Zipline Safari, the adventurous Horseback Safari and the comfortable Coach Safari. Each offers a unique opportunity to leave the theme parks far behind and experience wild, natural Florida.

Each of our eco-safaris transport you through Forever Florida; an all too rare wild part of the state preserved just as nature intended. This special place boasts nine distinct Florida ecosystems, home to an endless array of natural flora and fauna including alligators, black bears, white-tail deer, nearly two hundred species of birds and the endangered Florida Panther.

Zipline Safari:

Prepare yourself for a brand new tree-top nature tour like none other. The thrilling Zipline Safari allows you the perfect aerial vantage point to experience Florida's diverse ecosystems on a one-of-a-kind adventure. You'll soar through the tree tops 55 feet off the ground along runs spanning up to 750' in length and make your way across two sky-bridges all the while enjoying Florida's natural flora and fauna under the watchful eye of your expert guides. Brace yourself for the sensation of flight as you Zipline smoothly through Pine Flatwoods and over wetlands, home to native Florida wildlife including alligators, black bears, white tail deer and the endangered Florida Panther, all at speeds up to 25 miles per hour! Are you ready to Zip Florida™?

Coach Safari:

On this two-hour eco-safari, you'll journey deep into the 4700 acre Forever Florida wildlife conservation area. Your expert guide will get you up-close to everything as you make your way over land and water onboard our special open-air safari coaches, elevated 5 feet off the ground for a fantastic view of everything. Midway through your adventure, you'll get a chance to stretch your legs along a boardwalk that winds through 500 year old cypress trees and takes you over the Bull Creek floodplain.

Hold onto your seat and get your cameras ready for a relaxing Florida photo-safari.

Horseback Safari:

Experience natural Florida just as the founding settlers did - on horseback. Forever Florida boasts some of the best riding in Central Florida featuring historic trails first used for horseback riding by Native Americans back in the 1500's. Enjoy a one, two or three-hour adventure through the wildlife conservation area which covers nine distinct Florida ecosystems. Your journey is fully-guided to make sure you don't miss a single opportunity to spot wildlife. Horses are individually matched to each rider's personality and experience level so first-timers are welcome.