Frequently Asked Questions-Firearms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to pre-register for the Gun Experience?

A. Yes, we need to know exactly how many are in your party, and how many to expect for the day so we’ll have the right amount of ammunition as well as boxed lunches for everyone.

Q. What if we’ve never handled any firearms before?

A. Our Range Masters are specially trained to work with individuals with little to no previous experience. Your parties’ safety and the safety of everyone in the group is our number one priority. We never compromise safety in any way, shape, or form.

Q. How old does one need to be to participate?

A. Our Range Masters can safely manage children as young as 12 years of age. A parent or guardian will have to be present at all times with anyone under 18. Everyone planning to participate should bring valid, current photo identification, including minors.

Q. Will we need to bring hearing protection and/or safety glasses?

A. Hearing protection (ear plugs) are provided, and the “over the ear” types are available for a small charge. Safety glasses will be provided.

Q. How should we be dressed for the experience?

A. You will be outdoors in beautiful Central Florida. Dress for the time of year. You will be under shade most of the day, but bring sunscreen for the times you are not. Open toe shoes are not recommended. A hat is never a bad idea.

Q. How long will we be at the range for the Gun-Fun Experience?

A. The short answer… 4-5 hours. Because of the varying group sizes, the nature of the experiences and our commitment to safety, sometimes we may finish a little early, or stay a little longer.

Q. What days are Florida Firearms Adventures offered?

A. Florida Firearms Adventures are offered each Wednesday and Thursday.