SeaWorld Shamu's Happy Harbour

Shamu’s Happy Harbour is a fun place for those young adventurers and their families. In this area of the park, you will find rides and attractions such as
  • Jazzy Jellies:
  • A jelly-fish themed teacup-style car that you control as it spins you and rises you up to 30 feet.
  • Net Climb:
  • Enjoy climbing four story nets through winding tunnels and slides—big enough for parents to join in all the fun!
  • Ocean Commotion:
  • Climb aboard a 19-foot tug boat and feel the high seas as you gently rock back-and-forth, whirling from side-to-side.
  • Sea Carousel:
  • Go ‘round and ‘round on this marine-themed classic ride topped by a great pink octopus.
  • Shamu Express®:
  • For those little thrill seekers looking for a “just-thrilling-enough” first coaster.
  • Swishy Fishies:
  • A mild teacup ride that allows those little adventures to spin around this giant waterspout.