How the Base Ticket Works:

All Base Tickets allow you access into Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure for 1 day 1 park for the amount of days on your ticket. No Park to Park Allowed!

Universal's Islands of Adventure

Go behind the scenes, beyond the screen, and jump right into the action of your favorite movies at Universal Studios Florida, the number one movie and TV based theme park in the world. It’s everybody’s fantasy… to leap through the screen and find yourself in the middle of your favorite motion pictures. Here at Universal Studios Florida, YOU become the star of some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made.

Universal Studios Florida

Journey with your family through five remarkable islands where all your favorite myths, legends, comic books, cartoon heroes and children’s stories come to life on the most innovative rides and attractions ever created. From high-speed roller coasters to whimsical children’s rides to groundbreaking 3-D attractions, this is where once-in-a-lifetime experiences happen every day.

Universal's Volcano Bay

From towering water slides and thrilling raft rides to secluded waterfalls and a quiet beach paradise, Volcano Bay offers something for the entire family.

The huge volcano - Krakatau, stands 200-feet tall and features streaming waterfalls and fiery lava effects. Climb to the top to experience the spectacular tube body slides and more. Volcano Bay also offers the unique TapuTapu wristband technology. Just tap it on the totem at any ride to save your place in line, then come back when it's your turn to ride! The park offers 19 different water attractions. And TapuTapu ensures you’ll spend more time “doing” and less time waiting in line!